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In order to add the connection to Mahara, you need to have set up Canvas as external tool in Mahara online payday loans your online payday loans because you require the consumer key and consumer secret. Name: You can decide what you want to call the app. The name you choose here will be the one displayed in your course navigation. Consumer Key: Paste the consumer key from Mahara for the LTI connection that online payday loans set up earlier.

Shared Secret: Paste the consumer secret from Mahara for the LTI connection that you set up earlier. Click the Close button or the Close icon to abort the setup. If you already have an account in the institution in Mahara with the email address you use in Canvas, you are taken to that account.

If your email address does not yet exist in Mahara and you allowed for automatic account creation, an account will be set up for you. If your email address exists in Mahara but you are not a member of the institution for which you set up the Canvas integration, you receive an error message and will need to become a member of that institution before you can log in via Canvas.

The configuration parameters are available in your Mahara instance. Preconfigured tool: Select your Mahara instance from the drop-down menu. Certain fields are not editable when you choose this option as they are determined by the existing site-wide configuration. Click the Save and return to course button to be taken back to your course page, click the Save and display button to launch into Mahara immediately, or click the Cancel button to abort adding Mahara to your course as activity.

You can set up the connection to Mahara also on the activity level in Moodle without having preconfigured it first on the site level.

This can be beneficial if your course is the only one connecting to a specific Mahara site that other courses should not have access to. If everyone should have access to the same Mahara site, setting up a preconfiguration on the site level is advised though.

Activity description: Provide a description of your activity. This field is optional. Secure tool URL: Provide the launch URL. Do not choose to embed Mahara. That will not work as you are not allowed to embed Mahara into other websites. Furthermore, it will reduce the space that you have available to work in Mahara. Consumer key: Paste the consumer payday loans key from Mahara for the LTI connection that you set up earlier. Shared secret: Paste the consumer secret from Mahara for the LTI connection that you set up earlier.

It is recommended that you provide one that sits on your Mahara site and has the dimensions needed by Moodle for best results. When you are in the Building Blocks area, select LTI Tool Providers to start setting up the connection to Mahara. When you are back on the LTI Tool Providers screen, make a right mouse click on the Mahara URL and select Manage Placements in order to create a placement for your courses. On the following screen, click the Create Placement link. However, it seems that there is no setting in Blackboard to allow Mahara to be opened in a new window or on top of the Blackboard site.

If that is the case for you, you will need to disable a security feature on Mahara, which is not recommended. Toggle navigation Inhalt 12. External apps via LTI 12. Setup on Mahara 12. Enable LTI for the site 12. Enable LTI for an institution 12. Use LTI with a second authentication method 12. Log in via Mahara and then LTI 12. Log in via LTI and then Mahara 12. Setup in Canvas 12. Setup via the Edu App Center 12. Setup in Moodle 12. Preconfigure LTI for all courses to use 12.

Use a preconfigured Mahara site in a course 12. Configure Mahara in a course activity manually 12. Setup in Blackboard 12. Configure LTI for the site 12. Set up a building block 12. Manage the placement of the building block 12.

Mahoodle Schnellsuche Enter search terms Mahara user manuals 17. At the moment Mahara supports LTI for authentication purposes. The following describe how you can connect Mahara to some learning management systems via LTI. The LTI plugin is enabled 12. Bemerkung At the moment, you can only choose to have users created automatically when they log in via LTI for the first time.

See further down for information on using LTI with another authentication method.

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