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the most awarded Romanian tattoo artist, with a total of 63 awards gained at Romanian and international tattoo conventions, and also a pioneer of tattoo art, the same who opened, in 1997, the first studio in Iasi.

When moving to Portugal in 2002, Castor joins one of the top studios in Lisbon, Queen of Hearts (also a fine link in the biggest chain of European tattoo studios).

Castor studied graphics at the School of Arts and then at the Faculty of Arts in Iasi, being the first student in the university’s history that graduated, basing his license on tattoo work.

The variety of the whole almost 60 prizes he gained at the frequent participation at tattoo conventions around Europe (over 50 participations) confers him the title of the most experimented well-known tattoo artist of Romania.

Castor was also the first Romanian artist who promoted his art 2 years consequently at the London tattoo convention, the biggest festival of this kind in Europe, also known as: The Champions League of Tattoo Artists.

Along with his brother, Gelu, that organized the first tattoo convention in Iasi, TattooFest Iasi, also referred to the first in Moldova, in 2010, which took place at CCSI, they succeeded to bring the finest tattoo artists in Romania; this made that the following year, in 2011, at the festival’s second edition, held in Underground the Pub, even foreign artists to participate.

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