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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 00:00

Emanuele ~ Sacred Pain Tattoo * Spain


Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00

Florin ~ Fantattoo * Spain

florin orga

Monday, 29 August 2016 00:00

TattooFest Iasi Poster



Friday, 04 December 2015 00:00

J.D. - J.D Tattoo-Art Studio * Germany



Monday, 03 August 2015 00:00

Grand Hotel Traian

This year InternationaTattooFest Iasi will take place at Grand Hotel Traian.

The event will be held between 15-17 of March 2019, in Eminescu Hall of the Grand Traian Hotel, in Union Square.

Monday, 03 August 2015 00:00

Venue - Grand Hotel Traian

Hello TattooFest Iasi fans!

As we're all waiting for this international event to take place once again, our regard, as well as yours,  goes to the same one unique thing, that celebrates the world collective work of tattoo artists every year, bringing us all together under the same roof: TattooFest Iasi 2019, that is the 10th Edition of the  International Tattoo Festival in the City of 7 hills.

Monday, 23 February 2015 00:00

Costa - Costa Tattoo * Romania


Wednesday, 11 February 2015 00:00

Hotel Booking

For those attending the tattoo convention, we have arranged a discount with both Grand Hotel Traian and Astoria Hotel ( that is in the same building) for the period talking , regarding the accommodation. Send an e-mail with your information, specifying ¨For TattooFest Iasi¨ at the following address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy your stay!

Friday, 05 September 2014 00:00

Terms & Conditions

Termeni si Conditii / Terms and Conditions

Data Evenimentului/Date of Event:

Vineri/Friday 27.03.2015  -  Duminica/Sunday 29.03.2015


Palas Mall Iasi / Palas Mall Iasi
(Center of the city)


Asociatia Culturala Getic Art and Asociatia Tattoo Moldova .

Orar/ Opening Times:

Artisti / Artists: 27-29 April 10 o'clock

Vizitatori / For Visitors: 27-29 April 11 o'clock

Ecuson Artist / Exhibitor Pass:
Fiecare artist va primi 1 ecuson.
Doar persoana acreditata cu ecuson de tatuator are dreptul de a tatua in cadrul conventiei.
Each of the artists will get 1 pass.
Only the person accredited with the artist pass is allowed to make tattoos at the convention.

Chirie Stand/Rents:

Stand Simplu / Single Booth: 275 euro; Stand Dublu / Double Booth: 500 euro.
Dimensiuniile unui stand sunt de 2x3 m. In cadrul unui stand va sunt asigurate:
Role de hartie, apa distilata, 2mese si 2 scaune, saci si cutii biohazard, WIFI.

The size of a single booth is 2x3 m. It includes distilled water, paper, 2 tables and 2 chairs, biohazard bags and boxes, WIFI.

Conditii de Plata / Payment conditions:

Pentru a inchiria standul este necesara plata unui acont in valoare de 175 euro. Doar dupa mentionarea efectuarii platii acontului, pozele si datele despre artist vor fi postate pe website-ul oficial al evenimentului. Inscrierile se vor face pana in data de 4 februarie 2014, in limita locurilor disponibile. Restul de 100 euro se va achita in cadrul conventiei. Pe masura rezervarii standurilor, va vom anunta cu privire la locurile ramase.

To reserve a booth it’s necessary to pay an account of 175 euro. Only after receiving a notice about the payment of the account, the pictures and the info about the tattoo artist will be posted on the official website of the event. The registrations will be made until 4th of February, 2014 as the places available are limited. The rest of the sum, that’s 100 euro, will be paid on sight. Concerning the reservation stands, we will announce the remaining places.

Acontul va fi depus in contul:
RO74 MILB 0000 0000 0168 8332 pentru RON sau
RO61 MILB 0000 0000 0176 1510 pentru EUR ,
Swift Code : MILBROBU deschis la MILB Bank.
sau Western Union / Money Gram (pentru nume: Lapusneanu Eugen, oras: Iasi, tara: Romania)

Please deposit the account to the following bank account:
RO74 MILB 0000 0000 0168 8332 for RON or
RO61 MILB 0000 0000 0176 1510 for EUR,
Swift Code : MILBROBU ,opened at MILB BANK .
or Western Union / Money Gram (for name: Lapusneanu Eugen, city: Iasi, country: Romania).

Anularea participarii/ Cancellation:
Anularea participarii in scris atrage dupa sine pierderea acontului.
A cancellation entails the loss of the account.

In cadrul evenimentului este interzis ca studiourile de tatuaje sa monteze cercei. Piercing-ul va fi efectuat de un studio acreditat de catre organizatori.
During the convention will be forbidden to make piercing, unless the organizer gives you accreditation.

Fumatul in Sala Transilvania pe parcursul evenimentului este INTERZIS. Se vor amenaja spatii speciale pentru fumatori. Accesul animalelor de comapanie este INTERZIS.
Fiecare artist va trebui sa lucreze in conformitate cu normele igienice in vigoare impuse de Ministerul Sanatatii.
Un control al departamentului de sanatate publica este posibil oricand!

During the convention, you can’t smoke in the hall. There will be installed special areas for smokers. There’s also not allowed to bring your pets in the hall.
Each tattoo artist has to work according to the hygiene provisions of the Romanian Ministry of Health.
Controls of the Health Bureau are at any time possible!

In dotarea fiecarui stand trebuie sa existe obligatoriu urmatoarele :
• ace sterile, de unica folosinta, manere si varfuri sterile .
• capace pentru pigmenti de unica folosinta
• dezinfectanate pentru suprafete maini si tegumente
• manusi de unica folosinta

Suprafetele de lucru precum si obiectele folosite trebuie protejate (clipcord cover, folie plastic etc.).
Deseurile periculoase rezultate in urma procesului de tatuare vor fi depozitate in recipiente speciale puse la dispozitie si ridicate de catre organizatori.

Every Tattoo Artist must have:
• single-use needles, grips and tips
• single-use ink caps
• surface, hands and skin disinfectants
• single-use gloves
• packaged sterile working materials
Work surfaces should be protected and used items (clipcord cover, plastic wrap, etc.).
Hazardous waste in the process of tattooing will be stored in special containers provided and assumed by the organizers.

Concurs / Contest:

Conditii de participare: orice tatuaj trebuie sa fie terminat la momentul prezentarii pe scena.
Tatuatorul trebuie sa fie inregistrat cu un stand la conventie si sa fie prezent.
La categoriile ‘Best of Day ‘participa exclusiv tatuajele realizate in ziua respectiva.

Participation Requirements:

Any tattoo has to be finished at the beginning of the contest.
The tattoo artist has to attend the convention with a booth and has to be present.
For the ‘Best Of Day ‘categories, only tattoos referred to that day will compete.

Generalitati /General Matters:

Interzisa tatuarea persoanelor sub 18 ani.
People under 18 years may not be tattooed.

Nu ne asumam riscul pentru tatuajele realizate pe parcursul evenimentului.
The organizer accepts no responsibility for the tattoos done during the event.

Fiecare artist este responsabil pentru curatenia la standul pe care il ocupa.
Each artist is responsible for the cleanliness of his booth.

Sala  va fi incuiata pe timpul noptii si pazita atat pe timpul zilei cat si noaptea, fiind de asemenea monitorizata 24/24.
The Hall will be locked during the night and guarded day and night, also monitoring all the time.

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