Venue – AGORA – Centru de evenimente

AGORA, the place where cool stories are written…

We believe in memorable memories that we carry in our hearts forever, so we thought of offering you unforgettable experiences, in a decor reinterpreted with sophistication in a modern-elegant touch. A setting that inspires you with a deep sense of intimacy and the certainty that here, at AGORA, you have all the elements you need for a great experience.

Behind the events at AGORA is a team defined by the enthusiasm, talent, involvement and competence of the young people who make it up. They chose to be part of the AGORA project out of conviction, and the imprint of creativity and organizational spirit can be found in the details of the location, whether we refer to the event halls, co-working spaces or even the restaurant. Your event is our event too, so don’t be put off by the fact that you’ll see us so dedicated to what we do. Always with the solutions in your pocket when others tell you it’s not possible, we are the guarantee of an unforgettable event, as you imagined!

We invite you to come to our “home”, but until we meet, we would like to tell you something… we started on a path full of challenges precisely because we are the people of challenges. We reconceptualized the whole location in such a way so that it corresponds to the most sophisticated requirements so that we write stories that will be talked about over time. And a modern, generous and versatile space in terms of layout, perfect both for conferences, exhibitions or shows (corporate events), as well as and for weddings or baptisms (private events), it was the idea on which we based our desire for AGORA to become the living expression of Iași social life.