🇵🇱 I’m tattooing since 2005 and specializes in colors. I’m the owner of the JACK GALAN ART tattoo studio in Szczecin. I put a strong emphasis on artistic tattooing, so as to create my own tattoo style referring to “Digital Art”, mainly in the fantasy theme devoted to the STAR WARS saga.

As the only artist in Poland since 2018. officially licensed by “Exclusively Licensed Lucasfilm LTD Tattoo Artist”

I’m a big fan of creating large designs, they offer the most possibilities, details and a different perspective on the scale of the tattoo. I will be happy to combine each composition with a Star Wars theme.

Tens of thousands km traveled, many hours of waiting for flights and a lot of equipment during the journey towards development, taking part in many international conventions and Guest Spots in several countries. The achievement includes winning many awards at Polish and international tattoo conventions, representing Poland in such distant countries as Mexico . Member of the Tattoo Convention Jury several times.
Officially also a Professional Trainer dealing with improving the artistic skills of tattoo artists

🍀15-17 March 2024🍀

‼️14th Edition‼️